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Auditions: Monologue Try-outs

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The Black Box Fire theatre company will be showcasing a series of monologue performances as part of our double bill production running February 13 – 21 at the Staircase Cafe Theatre.

We are looking for members of the community who would like to take part. Tryouts will be held on January 22 in front of a small panel of "judges." Up to 5 monologues will be chosen to be performed as part of the advertised show.

This is a great opportunity to get some performance experience (whether in tryouts or in the show itself) and to potentially meet and work with new people in the local theatre community. Performers chosen to take part in the show will also receive free tickets to the next Black Box Fire production.

Monologue Tryouts
Thursday, January 22
7:00 PM
Staircase Cafe Theatre - Brightroom (Third Floor)
27 Dundurn St. N., Hamilton, ON

Please send a quick email to Black Box Fire at [email protected] to let us know you intend to tryout. Sending a message will not commit you to anything but will give us some indication of the number of entries we should expect, and will enable us to email you updates if necessary closer to January 22.

Guidelines for Tryouts

* Monologues can be prose, verse or song.
* Monologues should be 4 - 8 minutes in length.
* Actors should have their monologue memorized and perform it to the best of their abilities at the tryout.
* Costumes are allowed, but must be provided by the performer.
* Props are allowed, but only if they can be easily carried onstage by the performer and kept on his or her lap.
* Monologues should not require any special lighting or sound effects.
* Each performer will be given one stool or chair to use.
* Monologues can be original or published (but the performer must ensure that any rights required are paid for and obtained*).
* The themes of the monologue should include:
** Some comedic element (but there can be dramatic elements as well).
** One or several of the following themes (at least loosely):
*** political correctness
*** the idea of being famous
*** body image
*** romantic relationships (or lack thereof)

Dates to Remember

Selected performers will be required to attend the following rehearsals and shows:

* Thursday, January 29 (evening): rehearsal
* Thursday, February 5 (evening): rehearsal
* Thursday, February 12 (evening): dress rehearsal
* Friday, February 13 (evening): show
* Saturday, February 14 (afternoon and evening): matinee and evening shows
* Thursday, February 19 (evening): show
* Friday, February 20 (evening): show
* Saturday, February 21 (afternoon and evening): matinee and evening shows

Who to Contact for More Information

For more information please contact Jared Lenover at [email protected].

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