Rebel’s Rock Irish Pub Mystic Wendesdays – Tarot readings

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Location: 537 King St. E,, Hamilton [map]
Phone: 905-777-1771

Lady M will be offering Tarot readings Feb. 25, 6 pm to 10 pm at Rebel’s Rock Irish Pub, 537 King St. E, Hamilton, Ontario 905-777-1771

Please drop in for a reading or call to book a reading with Lady M at Rebel’s Rock Irish Pub February 25th. You will receive a 15 to 20 minute reading for $20.00. Longer readings are available upon request. Large parties and groups are welcome.

Lady M has been a professional Tarot Reader since 1992. She works with the Dragon Tarot Cards to answer your questions with out knowing what your question is. There are two main readings, the here and now that deals with about two weeks into your past and future (sometimes a little further when need be) and the long-term reading that deals with the next few years in your future.

Lady M is a feature reader at the Mystic Spa held in Burlington Ontario. You can find her free daily tarot card readings on her blog Dreaming of Dragons and other magical things as well as her monthly tarot reading for the online magazine Pagan Pages. She is also has several websites, Medieval Magic, Lady M tarot readings, and Spirit and Magic.

Lady M enjoys being able to help people with her readings and insights.

Comments about Lady M's Tarot readings:

Very helpful, true to the life events gong on at the time, and the feelings I am having. Donna R., February 7 2009

Answered some imporant Questions I had! Thanks! Samantha, February 6 2009

It was Great! Very good!! S. Waver, February 6 2009

I feel she has a very strong & honest intuition. So happy she read for me. I feel a strength after talking to her. Marjorie, February 6 2009

Good – Thorough – Preciese. Teresa C., February 6 2009

Very good – easy to understand. Sharron J., February 6 2009

Intuitive and honest reading. Val., February 6 2009

Great. Thanks for your insight! Rebecca D., February 4 2009

Insightful and invested. Lynlee S, February 4 2009

Interesting reading. Made me think of things that I usually put on the back burner. Robin M., January 31 2009

Enjoyable reading. You touched on some very relevant aspects on my life and pointed me in a direction that I should be going. Mary Lee B., January 31, 2009

Very good. Very true. Good advice. I would definitely return to Lady M. Deindre D., January 30 2009

Very good. True to me. B Boyre, January 30 2009

Very insightful! Worth going again and again! Lady M is very gifted. Lesley, January 30 2009

Intuitive, informative, understanding. Great! Deborah, January 30 2009

Very interesting & accurate! Kim, January 30 2009

Very informative & enlightening. This is the first time I’ve had cards read. Very interesting. Annomuse, January 30 2009

Uncanny how absolutely accurate the reading talked to exactly what I’ve been through & where I need to go – Very emotional & uplifting experience. R. Noauc, January 30 2009

I was particualryl impressed with the summary sheet supplied as it shows the spread reviwed along with the meanings of the cards. Good detailed readings! Gwen, January 24 2009

Very informative and an accurate reading. Cards are explained in detail. Heath S., January 24 2009

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